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I.T. Services

What Is Managed I.T. Services?

Managed I.T. Services is when a company outsources some or all of their I.T. functions to a third-party provider, referred to as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). These outsourced functions may be as basic as keeping IT equipment and other services functional all the way up to full I.T. team outsourcing. 

The goal is to either serve as an I.T. team for a company that has little or no internal capabilities or to support an experienced I.T. team by taking some of the day-to-day tasks off their plate.

Managed I.T. Services: Myth vs. Fact

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to working with an MSP. We've broken down some of the most common myths we hear about managed service providers.


Myth: Working with an I.T. services provider will be too expensive. 

Fact: Outsourcing I.T. tasks can actually be less expensive than hiring a new employee. Especially when you consider that the service frees up your current I.T. team to work on more strategic projects that can positively impact your bottom line. We'll work with you to find solutions that fit within your budget, and won't sell you things that you don't need. Also, compare the cost compared to losing critical business data to ransomware, viruses, or hardware failure.


Myth: The MSP will be too controlling. 

Fact: In any services provider relationship, YOU are ultimately the boss. Your company always has the final say in any decision. 


Myth: I.T. services should be handled within the in-house I.T. team. 

Fact: Sometimes, having an in-house I.T. team doesn't make sense financially. Depending on the size of your company, you simply might not need the services of a full-time I.T. staff. If you do have I.T. staff, a managed service provider acts as an extension of your in-house team. By taking some of the day-to-day tasks off your IT team's plate, an MSP frees them up to do more strategic work. 

Myth: My company is too small to work with an outsourced IT provider. 

Fact: Small companies usually need a managed service provider even more than a larger company might. These small companies typically don't have the capacity to manage these IT tasks in-house, leaving them vulnerable to costly downtime and cybersecurity breaches. 



Guaranteed Response Times (SLA)
Remote Support & Monitoring Application
Microsoft & 3rd Party App Updates
24x7x365 Infrastructure Monitoring
Unlimited Remote Support

M-F 8-5 CT

Unlimited Onsite Support

M-F 8-5 CT (trip charge may apply)

Unlimited After-Hours Support


Password Management System
Managed Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware
Managed A/V + Advanced Threat Protection
24x7x365 Managed SOC Monitoring

Security Operations Center monitors firewalls, networks, and PCs for unusual or threatening behavior

Managed Email Security

Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Virus

Managed Firewall

Hardware, software, configuration, and monitoring

DNS-Based Web Filtering
Security Patching
Cybersecurity / Security Awareness Training


I.T. Documentation
Monthly Executive Report
I.T. Asset Management
Asset & Inventory Management Report
Technology Business Review Meeting
Vendor Liaison
I.T. Budget Preparation


Managed Cloud Backup
Backup Restoration Testing
Office365 or Google Workspace Licenses
Hosted Email
Managed VoIP (Hosted or On-Prem)
End-User Training
Technology Enablement Sessions

Package comparisons are available on the non-mobile version of our site. Please visit us on a desktop or laptop for more information.

Some services are available for a trial period. Please contact us for more information!
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